Month: June 2019

How WordPress Websites Get Hacked

Your website is like a home – secure if you take the appropriate precautions, but vulnerable to burglars if you don’t. In the website world, however, sites don’t get burgled, they get hacked. The number

How to Optimize JavaScript and CSS and Improve Website Performance

No one likes a slow website. In fact, many users would rather leave your site rather than wait more than two seconds for its pages to load. That’s why it’s crucial that your site is


Celebrate the Birth of the Portrait Zoom: The New TAMRON 35-150mm F/2.8-4 Di VC OSD (model A043)

For the first time ever, a dedicated portrait lens that allows you to zoom through various composition options as the creative alternatives zoom through your head. The versatile 35-150mm zoom range incorporates the 85mm focal


Integrating Bootstrap 4 into Rails 6

…and how to use a theme To install Bootstrap 4 and a theme, we are going to be adding some packages, updating some configuration and adding a few additional gems/libraries to make life developing easier. This


Managing WordPress: The 4 Best Practices Your Clients Need to Know

WordPress makes it fairly easy to set up and run a website. However, this doesn’t mean there’s zero upkeep involved in managing your site. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, a business site, or


BMW says its running ahead of its electrification goals

At its NEXTGen event in Munich, BMW today announced that it is running ahead of schedule in its efforts to offer at least 25 electrified vehicles. Previously, the German luxury car manufacturer was shooting for


How Freelancers Can Make the Most of Their Workspace With Tracy Apps

Our workspace has a big impact on our productivity. That’s important for freelancers because it’s all up to us. If you neglect to invest in your desk, computer, or virtual spaces, you simply won’t get


Showcase of Colourful Designs Made With Overprint Effects

The overprint effect is a timeless art style that was traditionally created by manually printing two colours over the same area, but it is also commonly replicated in digital art, where the Multiply blending mode


Google Pay expands its integration with PayPal to online merchants

Google and PayPal have been strategic partners for some time. The companies in 2017 announced that PayPal would become a payment method in Android Pay, the service that later rebranded as Google Pay. Last year,


Everything you need to know about Progressive Web App (PWA)

Disclaimer?—?This Article is not sponsored by PWA. All the views and opinion in the Article are Author’s own. Progressive Web App, aka PWA, are the best way for developers to make their web applications load faster


How to Conduct a Backlink Audit for Your Site (In 4 Steps)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a balancing act. In order to rank well, you need to account for on-page factors such as titles and keywords, as well as off-page considerations like your server’s performance. Plus,

best wordpress plugins

Another Best WordPress Plugin Roundup

In this post, we recap the best WordPress plugins that were added or updated within the last 6 months on the WordPress Plugin Directory. 1. Icons Factory Icons Factory Plugin Description: The IconsFactory plugin is a


Tools for Local WordPress Development

In this post and webinar replay with AJ Morris, we cover several tools for local WordPress development. We also cover some of the basics of Git, a version control system, plus a Git cheatsheet of


The WordPress Featured Image – All You Will Ever Need to Know About It

Any WordPress user is familiar with the featured image. It is the picture that usually appears at the top of a post and also inside archives and search results. Knowing how to use it correctly