20 “Almost Free” Fonts Every Designer Should Check Out

I’ve made a few posts that round up some of the best free fonts available on the web, but those good quality free resources are quite rare. To develop a font library worthy of your professional design projects, you have to be willing to invest in some premium typefaces. You don’t have to spend thousands though, in today’s post I present 20 great premium fonts you can pick up for under $5. Many of them are packed with additional weights, OpenType features such as ligatures and stylistic alternatives, and even bonus extras.

Chloe Lavender ~ Hand Drawn Script


Forever Summer + Extras

RECORDA Typeface

All Formal Monogram Plus Borders


Vaase - Hand Created Font + Bonus!

Jaime Blues

Peony Brush Font

RELIGION ~ Hand Drawn Font

Jumper Script Fonts

Sweethart Script + Vectors

Jackerton Font

Waterfall. Handcrafted Font (+bonus)

Savannah & Co ~ Hand Drawn Font

Wilton - 50% off'Thank You' Price!

Old School


Frank - 75% OFF

Black Coffee ~ Vintage San Serif

Jeboy Typeface

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