15 Most Popular Payment Gateway Solutions

6. PayU

PayU is the product of an Indian payment processing corporation, and one of the simplest payment solutions that were designed to fill in the gaps left by complex service providers.

The expert community is also fond of PayU because of its best conversion rates (acclaimed 12%), acceptance for over 45 payment methods (Net-Banking, 8+ bank EMI’s, 6 Wallets, Amex, Rupay, International Cards), and the PayuBiz’ API’s & SDKs which help connect this platform to any website, application, or related third-party system.

PayU offers a single integrated solution that lets users start receiving local payments in all locations where it operates. International merchants can use it as their payment service provider and start receiving payments in all 16 markets, reaching a potential of over 2.2 billion consumers.

PayU offers more than 250 local payment methods and multiple currency options, allowing its users to reach all customers, even those without credit cards, and being able to manage complexities of the local markets whilst benefiting from them.

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